portrc2bet_linda_1The idea behind Minimii was Linda Stenberg’s, who was working in the commercial business before realizing Minimii. As a busy mum with 3 children she got the idea back in 2007.

She was looking for a doll’s house for her children. Yet she only found many boring houses that were either American or Victorian in appearance. She though:

“It can’t be true that the dollhouses is going to look so “not-danish”. It has to be more like our own home…”


She became excited by the idea of creating a Danish high-quality doll’s house that both she and her children would find attractive. And who is more representative of Danish design than Arne Jacobsen? Arne Jacobsen’s own house in Charlottenlund is the first example of his ‘functionalist’ style, for which he has since become world famous.

It works well in miniature, which is why Arne Jacobsen’s descendants have blessed the project and provided the original house’s plans and a close dialogue.

Modern houses needs chic furniture. And since they were not to find in the market Linda took contact with Fritz Hansen which fortunately was very openminded and interested in Arne Jacobsen's furniture was performed in miniature.

The fact that the small furniture was received with great enthusiasm from customers around the world, just confirmed that idea back in 2007 was a great idea.