The idea is to create a dollhouse that is a true copy of an existing Arne Jacobsen house (his own house at Gotfred Rodes Vej 2, Charlottenlund) in 1:16 format, and most likely 1:12 as well. Furthermore we produce miniature models of Arne Jacobsen and other designers’ furniture, lighting, art and other decorative elements. This meets a need, primarily among parents, for nicely decorated children’s dollhouses that appeal to the good taste and designer style with which they surround themselves—a taste that will be perfectly expressed through a designer dollhouse in a child’s bedroom or in their living room.

We communicate to design-interested parents/grandparents of children who believe that traditional dollhouses are too boring and want their children to play with something that is attractive and of a quality that resembles where and how they live. We want to talk to adults who have an interest in design and who see the dollhouse as a design object in itself. Companies, hotels, exhibitions and museums that are connected to the design world and desire a different and eye-catching piece of design could also find our objects very interesting.

Currently there are no designer dollhouses with original designed furniture. The concept will be launched with an initial assortment of Danish design furniture that is coordinated with Fritz Hansen and Arne Jacobsen’s family with whom licensing agreements have already been established for, amongst others, 1:16 editions of The Egg, The Swan, The Series 7 and various illustrations and aquarelles which we will use to reproduce rugs, paintings, wall papers and other accessories for the AJ House and MiiBox. Other pieces will be included following licensing agreements.

Three walls can be detached so the house can easily be played with from all sides. The walls edges also have magnets attached so the façade can be tightly closed and clicked together.