Arne Jacobsen’s wall hanging house


The house by Arne Jacobsen – is able to be hung on the wall or to have it free standing. It can be purchased at our online store for the amount of 400 Euros.

Arne Jacobsen’s house is a miniature house in the scale 1:16. The house has a detachable facade, which is held together by magnets.

The house is addressed to design fans who wishes to have  unique design object which also have a multi purpose.

Hang it in the living room, kitchen, bathroom or at the children’s playroom. Use the house as a small dollhouse which the family can play with or use as a fun and different place to contain your small treasures.

As seen on the picture above the facade is detachable and is easy to remove because it fits together by magnets. You can read more about the house at the online shop, where you also can purchase it for the amount of 400 euros. (Please note that the house is eksklusive furniture)

You can also can purchase Arne Jacobsen miniature furniture, carpets and wallpaper at the online shop.


Room for play


There is a great sense of community when children play with the miniature dollhouse. They learn to plan and perform their game.

They will be able to listen, taking turns to talk and to make decisions. They copy their own life and at the same time they get to use their fantasy.

With Minimii’s miniature house several children can play at the same time with inspiring and developing play.



Nice design & good quality

We have taken a starting point in the Danish design tradition with focus on quality and aesthetics. Minimii's products appeal to playful adults and children who love good design. With the stylish, functional and timeless design the fantasy can have free play.


Minimii's goal is to deliver miniature houses with furniture and accessories designed by international well known architects and designers. These products appeal to children's imagination and their parents sense of quality.